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Chem-Aid Services Inc. offers a range of Chlorination Products, Chlorination Accessories, Chlorination Equipment as well as Emergency Response Procedures, Chemical Awareness Training, Transportation of Dangerous Goods and WHMIS training.
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Chem-Aid Services Inc. offers a variety of chlorination systems for cylinders and ton containers with cylinder, ton, manifold or wall mounts.
If you do not find your system here please contact us to discuss your requirments.
Chlorination Systems GO
Order new, or replacement equipment for your chlorination system.
Chlorination Systems GO
All the bits and pieces that you need to put a chlorination system together.
Chlorination Systems GO
Chem-Aid Services Inc. carries emergency equipment for Chlorine, Sulphur Dioxide and Anhydrous Ammonia cylinders.
Chlorination Systems GO
Chem-Aid Services Inc. brings over 45 years experience to the industry. Our chemical awareness training is of the highest quality. It is recommended that training be updated on a regular basis.
Chem-Aid Services Inc. offers rebuild kits for individual components.

Hydro Instruments will gladly refurbish any Hydro Instruments, Capital Controls or Ecometrics component in need of repair.

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